Best tips for a healthy lifestyle 2021

My best tips for a healthy lifestyle 2021

Get A Good Nights SleepMy best tips for a healthy lifestyle 2020

My best tips for a healthy lifestyle 2021 is firstly is getting a good night sleep. This can be very difficult at times for some with our busy lifestyles and all. Getting the kids ready for school, school runs, work, cooking, gym and sorting the kids out after school then bedtime. This can lay havoc on our mental status especially if we don’t get the time to relax and eat healthy through the day.

Diet can play a massive role in our sleeping habits and I have personally tested this. When I “habit eat” (done this on purpose as a test) That’s how I would describe it anyway, I find that my sleeping patterns are all over the place. I wake up all hours of the morning sometimes bloated or needing the toilet, and it can be a nightmare. Not fair if you have a busy day ahead.

Not only can diet compromise sleep, but I think it makes you feel groggy & moody through the day. This can add to eating more junk food creating the habit of eating that you then find hard to control. It becomes a bad cycle it’s like a kind of dopamine fix wanting to eat more sugary foods and drink sugary drinks.

Eating a healthy balanced diet and drinking plenty of water is key to helping you get a better night sleep. Well, it definitely can help you anyway, and it also depends on other things like stress or snoring.  Find out more about snoring and snoring aids on this post here.

Eating HealthyMy best tips for a healthy lifestyle 2020

It goes without saying that having an unbalanced diet can lead to lack of sleep, very low self-worth. This can lead to anxiety and depression, low motivation and self-conscious about yourself. When you break away from this habit and start eating healthier this has a positive effect on your well-being. I see it as eating unhealthy is massively negative and eating healthy is a massive positive.

You wouldn’t go on in life with negative thoughts or behaviour or this would create a negative lifestyle for you. Same thing with eating habits you will end up with a negative mindset. Eating healthy along with a good exercise program does and will create a positive mindset. Leading to a positive lifestyle. I program myself to eat healthy through the day this then becomes a habit giving me a more positive outlook.

Water is also essential. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day keeps us hydrated and helps our mind to stay focused. If you have more of a physically demanding day or exercise program I would drink more water. Just think about it for a minute if you replace drinking water with fizzy drinks you will lose weight quickly. It is also a detoxing phase, detoxing the body is another massive health benefit read this post HERE.


Exercise At Home

Exercising at home not only cuts downtime having to travel to the gym, but you can train in your own space. There are lots of training programs for home exercise and I mention a few in my main article HERE. I remember back in my bodybuilding day I had my garage kitted out with a weight bench, barbell and bum bells.

I did this just in case I couldn’t make it to the gym or even if the gym was to busy. Now though I take more of a steady approach not as much weight training and more cardiovascular. I like to get my runs in and train on the bike but I still to this day do my training at home. It is better to do it in your own time, and it saves you money.


Follow all my steps on my site, and you will achieve everything you need, developing and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to treat yourself now and then have a couple of cheat days. Get plenty of rest and have a holiday or two throughout the year. Sort your sleeping habits out and fell more refreshed through the day. Drink plenty of water, train hard and stick to your diet.

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