How to home exercise 2021

Learn how to home exercise 2021


How to home exercise 2021 for beginners. Exercising at home is easy because you are in your own personal space. I will show you some great tips on how to home exercise.

Exercising this way is brilliant because you have no distractions like you would if you were training in the gym. First off make sure you have some comfortable training clothes and a decent pair of trainers.

Play some music and find the beat…. (Quick warm up).

how to home exercise 2020

Now play some music you like either on your headphones or on a radio system. Start by jogging slow and steady on the spot for about 5 minutes as a quick warm-up.

Get in time with the music you choose and into the beat with the exercise. Now you have had a steady warm-up you can do some stretches.


how to home exercise 2020

Keep your legs straight then keeping the natural bend in your lower back to bend forward & touch your toes. Hold it there for 12 seconds then stand upright, this stretches your hamstring in the back of your legs. Now stretch your lower leg calf muscles and hold again for 12 seconds you can do this a few ways.

Find a kitchen worktop to use. Keeping your feet together and your legs as straight as you can. Drop forward onto the worktop just enough till you can feel the stretch in the back of the calf muscles. Take it nice and steady and don’t overstretch as this can tare muscle tissue. Once you are happy to hold for 12 seconds.

Back to the exercise.

Great going, now you have music, had a warm-up and stretched off. let’s start again by jogging on the spot aim to go for 20 minutes. We are trying to achieve different variations in our routine to work for certain muscle groups. So for abs, we would try knee-ups one leg at a time and blending it into our jogging. Also, try stepping out to the side with both legs then back to the middle.

This is great for adding coordination bringing your arms out in time with your legs then side forward and up. Try this while your legs are still moving out to the side and back to the middle. It can be a bit tricky to start but once you get the hang of it the easier it gets. Keep changing round every few minutes this helps with variation and stops boredom.

I use this every exercise every morning usually 40 minutes if I’m busy, but mostly I try and get in an hour. The key is to be finishing in a pool of sweat every time you do this. With a good diet and drinking plenty of water through the day the weight just piles off in no time.


I try to mix things up a bit by getting some walks in. Walking can burn calories off not as quick as running, but you get a lot out of going for a walk because you seem to notice a lot more of your surroundings. Especially when you are out in the countryside. If you are new to walking then I would advise finding the best routes until you get used to it try to pick three different routes then up your pace and try to do them aster every time.

The great thing about walking is it is a lot easier on your joints not as much pounding on the old legs. Alternate your routes at different times through the week and mix this up with your home exercises, you could to your circuit training in the morning before work and then after work, you could go for a nice long walk. These are just a couple of great ways to know how to home exercise 2021 for beginners.

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